Career Opportunites

Many people may enter the field of esthetics with the dream of working in a particular setting. Some might want to work in a chic urban day spa or health and wellness center, while other will crave a more intimate atmosphere. Understanding more about the qualitative differences in a salon and spa environment will help you to narrow your search and find the best fit for your personality and style.

Deciding on the type of esthetics practice that is right for you is an important part of the job search. Traditionally, the field of skin care grew out of the beauty salon business, where the main focus was on hair and nail services. Since acquiring separate licensing, the field of esthetics has expanded to include several new business opportunities. While there are many variations of skin care practices, the following general categories highlight those that are referenced frequently.


The independent skin care clinic or day spa offers a variety of skin care treatments and may include facial and body treatments, hair removal, makeup artistry.

The Full service salon provides a total beauty experience including hair services

The Wellness center or spa is focused on maintaining optimal health and may combine several holistic, complementary, or alternative health-care

The Medical spa integrates a variety of medical aesthetics and surgical procedures with esthetic skin care treatments and spa services.

The Destination spas is an all-inclusive spa retreat that offers patrons wide range of health and beauty services

The Resort or Hotel is an amenity spa that provides guest with a variety of spa services.

The Booth rental establishments or the practice of leasing a room to provide services independently.