About Ali May Academy

Welcome to Ali May Academy, an educational center offering an engaging and professional environment designed to train you for success in your career.  If you desire a multifaceted and dynamic education in the beauty industry, this is the place for you.  At Ali May Academy, you will have the opportunity to develop industry skills in our student clinic to be relevant in today's competitive world of beauty.  Our Academy is designed to provide each student with hands-on experience as well as core technical skills.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards to provide a professional and comfortable environment to maximize student growth.


Our founder, Myin Chang has been fascinated with the beauty industry since childhood.  What started off as pretty colors and a desire to copy what the big sister was doing turned into a career that’s focused on self-confidence and presentation.  The origins of her career takes root at age sixteen when she volunteered with make-up duties for her uncle’s wedding.  She applied make-up for a group of aunts who did not use make-up regularly and some whom never did at that point in time.  From that moment on, she knew her passion lied in this industry, where helping others feel good about themselves is just as important as making them look good. 


From the passion comes the career.  Myin started in the industry as a manicurist, learning the ins and outs of the technician’s duties.  She quickly outgrew the position as she understood that personal presentation is the main factor of what drove customers to the nail salon in the first place; and just performing a manicure was not enough value added.  Diving deeper into the profession, she proceeded onto becoming an esthetician to better position herself to help her customers.  It was at this juncture when Myin thought, what better way to help as many people as possible, than to teach! 


Ali May Academy is named after Myin’s eldest daughter, Aliana May.  The goal of the school is to provide aspiring beauty technicians a place where they can learn their craft and gain knowledge in the industry.  Ali May Academy provides an exceptional environment with hands on learning as well as a state of the art facility to foster learning and development within our students.  Ali May Academy is constantly researching new products in the industry, and oftentimes invites vendors to perform roadshows to expose her students to new products.  We at Ali May take pride in providing our students with every possible avenue towards success.  We thank you for choosing our school as the foundation for your career and are eager to share our knowledge with you in this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.